Visual Identity


​​​Mozayan Khodro Faraz


HyperCar is a coherent complex in the automotive industry with an area of about 7000 square meters in order to create a reliable purchase and reform the unstable market of auto parts with a set of reputable automobile parts in the world and reputable manufacturers with a focus on customer orientation and after-sales services and perform various automotive services such as repair shops, periodic services, specialized and professional tuning and life style booths alongside purchases. Reliable and café space intends to create a hearty environment and an attractive market for car lovers.
We at Ben Design were proud to cooperate with this professional and reliable brand in different fields
Visual identity design and environmental graphics,
Holding "machinet chi mikhad boro, HyperCar" and "bargrizun" campaigns,
Making teasers, photography, producing content for Instagram and
Instagram template design was one of the activities that we have prepared in Ben Design to grow the hypercar complex.
Hypercar is one of the best and most cohesive collections in the automotive industry
طراحی هویت بصری و گرافیک محیطی،
برگزاری کمپین های "ماشینت چی میخواد برو هایپر کار" و"برگ ریزون"،
ساخت تیزر، عکاسی، تولید محتوا برای اینستاگرام و
طراحی قالب اینستاگرام از جمله فعالیت هایی بود که ما در بن دیزاین به جهت رشد مجموعه ی هایپر کار، تدارک دیدیم
هایپرکار یکی از بهترین و منسجم ترین مجموعه ها در صنعت خودرو سازیست.